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DB view: https://stakesync.io/db

Address Data

The 'address' table contains all active addresses with their current balance. Shelley addresses (addr1q..) have a reference to their stake key.

Stake Data

The 'stake' table contains the stake key, total balance of all associated addresses (live stake), stake (de-)registration transaction id, pool id, pool join date (date of delegation) and whether it's the pool operator.

Snapshot (optional)

A block number can be set on initial sync, adding a field 'balance0' to the address and stake table with the balances at the defined block height.

Pool Data

The 'pool' table contains pool id, margin, pledge, cost and retiring epoch if applicable. If you are running a Smash server, it also syncs name, ticker, description, website and url of the extended pool meta file.

Extended Pool Data (soon)

Smash-like retrieval of the extended pool metadata. The additional fields are already added but do not populate yet.

More data and features in future updates.